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Sky attending the Moose Knuckles Launch on October 20th

"my drug dealer dropped me off" looks

nobody asked me if i was okay

"Homosexuality should be punishable by death; otherwise it isn’t any fun."

Allan Bloom, apparently (via jaded-toddler)

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Talkative/Overly Friendly White woman at the Farmers Market

Did you mean The Evergreen State College

my boss teas the house DOWN

literally Oak Park, IL


Dalida - 1968


Dalida - 1968

I hope that Gwen Stefani brings back the Harajuku girls just so all of tumblr has an aneurysm 

my 1 year old niece got a hold of my iphone today and I was just waiting for her to open grindr cus she was pressing like every button and every time i took it away from her she started crying. she also pretended to make calls on it which was just rude


Title: Danza Kuduro
Artist: Don Omar Feat. Lucenzo
Album: Meet The Orphans

This song goes.

I’m talking to someone on grindr to practice italian with him